Sports Injury

Are you an athlete who needs to improve your game or recover from injury? Your local sports chiropractors in Paris, TX, are ready to assist you. At Chiropractic Associates, Dr. Gregory Thompson, Dr. Brandi Baggett, and Dr. Sean Welborn understand your time is valuable. They work hard to ensure you'll find relief for your sports-related condition in as short of a time as possible. They use a range of technology and methods to diagnose and treat you. 

What Is Sports Chiropractic Care?

Professional athletes may incur frequent injuries or chronic pain. Therefore, some chiropractors focus their skill set on the particular needs of the athletic body. Athletes tend to work their muscles, ligaments, and tendons more than an average person. They may develop issues with their knees, Achilles tendons, elbows, or shoulders. Thanks to a balance of massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments that work the ligament muscles and tendons, your local sports chiropractor in Paris, TX, can help with these issues.

What Can Sports Care Involve?

Treatment is personalized and caters to the specific needs of the active patient. Relief from sports-based injuries may include manual adjustments or a handheld activator. There are a range of therapeutic massage therapies available at Chiropractic Associates. Get a sports massage, Swedish massage, or deep tissue massage. Each massage technique can work different layers of the muscles and tendons. As strained or pulled muscles ease up from sports injuries, it makes it easier for the chiropractor to make necessary adjustments to the spine as well. Proactive Sports massages can help get the patient warmed up and prevent injury. Getting the same massage after an event can also target muscle soreness and prevent stiffness that may linger over the next few days.

If you're trying to recover from an injury, one of your sports chiropractors at Chiropractic Associates may opt to use electric muscle stimulation or EMS. It involves using a series of electrodes that attach to your skin. These electrodes serve as a pathway for electrical pulses to go to your muscles. The pulses force your muscles to contract and help increase their strength and ease tension. It's a highly stimulating treatment that can prevent muscle atrophy.

Getting prompt treatment for your sports injuries and lingering pain can improve your quality of life. It can also help you perform better on the field for a long period. When you need a sports chiropractor in Paris, TX, look no further than Dr. Thompson, Dr. Baggett, and Dr. Welborn. Call Chiropractic Associates in Paris, TX, at 903-985-5551 or the Sulphur Springs, TX, office at 903-919-5020.

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