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What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is provided by various healthcare professionals, including licensed therapists and chiropractors. Generally speaking, healthcare professionals don’t recommend physical therapy as treatment for a particular injury or condition. Instead, this treatment is designed to address a patient’s symptoms and allow them to recover without complications that could contribute to future ailments.

Your chiropractor may put you on a physical therapy regimen following your involvement in a car accident, for example. You may struggle to move around because the accident left you with fractured bones and torn ligaments. Even after your injuries heal, you may still have trouble with mobility because of your atrophied muscles.

The treatment recommended by your chiropractor is designed to prevent those issues.

During a physical therapy session, the healthcare professional you’re working with will utilize different tools and techniques to get your body moving. They will try to get the most out of your body’s capabilities without causing unnecessary discomfort.

Aside from restoring your mobility, physical therapy is also designed to strengthen your body. A traumatic accident can significantly weaken your body and diminish your physical capabilities. Your body may stay in that state unless you actively try to combat the effects of atrophy. Physical therapy will help you accomplish that goal.

It’s also worth noting that physical therapy is not a one-time treatment method. Our office does not subject patients to unneeded long-term treatment plans, but physical therapy needs to be maintained throughout recovery.

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Why Is Physical Therapy Administered by a Chiropractor Superior?

We mentioned earlier in the article that you can receive physical therapy from different kinds of licensed professionals. Many healthcare professionals can provide outstanding care, but there are reasons why you should seek out a chiropractor’s services specifically.

One of the main benefits of receiving physical therapy from a chiropractor is their ability to diagnose your condition. A chiropractor can conduct thorough examinations to uncover all the injuries causing you problems.

Chiropractors can also use different techniques to treat your injuries. Physical therapy may only do a little for the misalignments along your joints. However, the spinal adjustments administered by chiropractors can address those issues.

An expert chiropractor can also offer diet and exercise tips to speed up your recovery. Those tips should bolster the effects of physical therapy.

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